Top tips for climbing Mont Ventoux

Top Tips for climbing Mont Ventoux by Bike.

Whether you are looking just to get to the top of this iconic mountain, or after a bigger cycling challenge then here are some top tips for climbing Mont Ventoux.

The Easiest Way to cycle up Mont Ventoux.

The easiest side to climb is definitely from the historic village of Sault. Although the longest climb (26km), Sault is at 760m so you already have a 400m headstart over the climbs from Bedoin and Maulacene. With an average gradient of only 4.4% it is still a fabulous climb but much more forgiving on the legs.

The Best Way Up Mont Ventoux

For an unforgettable day on the bike we thoroughly recommend combining it with a descent through the Gorges de la Nesque. Again starting from the market town of Sault, cross the plateau of lavender fields before climbing to the viewpoint at the head of the Gorges de la Nesque where you can enjoy the views before the long gradual descent through the Gorges. From here head North to Bedoin and the climb of Mont Ventoux before descending back down to Sault. It can get extremely hot on the south facing slopes of Mont Ventoux during July and August so you may want to consider doing this loop in an anti-clockwise direction or starting really early. Check out the route on Strava here.

3 Times up Mont Ventoux

If you are looking for a bigger challenge why not try climbing the three sides of Mont Ventoux in one day. With 4400m of climbing and descending, the “Cingles” (French for crazy!) is one of the ultimate cycling challenges. We recommend an early start for this one, often starting the climb in the dark which adds to the atmosphere of the day. By climbing the Bedoin side first you get the hardest and hottest climb out the way before descending to Malaucene and finally ending with the Sault climb. We can offer a full van support throughout the day so all you need to worry about is the pedalling.

The weather

The weather can be a bigger challenge than the climb itself, if the Mistral is blowing it can be extremely windy at the summit and you will see where the mountain gets it’s name,vent in venteux meaning wind in French. It can also get very cold at the top so be prepared to take plenty of clothes, you can be descending for a long time.

How steep is it?

Like the French Alps, the climbs are not as steep as back in the UK just a lot longer! The maximum gradient peaks at 12% and there are sustained sections of 10%. You need to be comfortable peddling at this gradient though the climb typically takes between 1 hour 45 minutes and 3 hours so you don’t want to be running out of gears in the first few kilometres.

There is lots more technical information on each climbs profile on Climb by bike Climb By Bike.

Come and find out for yourself!!

Please get in touch with us if you need any more info or tips for climbing Mont Ventoux or too start planning your cycling holiday with us today.

Happy Pedalling

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